1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
Ground Up Restoration

Dale’s 1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
Dale has had a long love of Fords, even corresponding with Ford when he was young. He purchased this beautiful convertible and brought it to us for a ground up restoration. He wanted this Thunderbird done without the continental kit and luggage rack. He also wants it Brittany Blue with a white interior.

Dale has spent some time tracking down great parts for this restoration and it was like Christmas for a Ford guy when we unpacked all of his NOS parts. While it was sitting in the shop waiting it’s turn, many people questioned why this car was being restored since it looked so good.  While the car looked good, it had not been restored well which you will see in upcoming photos. We’re excited about restoring this Bird, with a good car, great parts and a passionate owner who wouldn’t be? These are photos taken of the car during dismantling.

1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Restoring in Process